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The Birmingham Area Cable Board is looking forward to the launch of our new website in January. Please let our Executive Director know if you are interested in producing your own show.

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The Oakland County Food Policy Council (OCFPC) has launched a county-wide Food System Assessment Survey to gather information about healthy eating habits in Oakland County. The Food System Assessment Survey is available here and on the ECHO website. In the rotating banner choose Food Policy Council and a link to the Food System Assessment will be on the right side.

Did you know that that NEXT (formerly known as (BASCC) Birmingham Area Senior Coordinating Council) has FREE SENIOR TRANSPORTATION AVAILABLE

Comcast channel 15 channel 18 channel 17
ATT channel 99 channel 99 channel 99
WOW channel 10 channel 18 channel 15

Helpful Tips to guide you to your PEG channel 99 on AT&T ”…. Go to channel 99 and push ok. Next, a full screen will appear and you will need to push ok. A list of Communities will appear, highlight the Birmingham area and push ok. Another list will appear with the option to choose education, government or public programming. Highlight the category that works for you and push ok. That will take you to what is airing LIVE at that time. Enjoy!
Our Mission:

It is the mission of the Board to advocate for the City of Birmingham and the Villages of Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms and Franklin and their citizens in order to maximize the quality and value of services of cable and related communications providers and support the delivery of public, educational and governmental programming. The BACB is a volunteer citizen body formed by inter-local agreement between the four communities mentioned above...

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