Our HD Truck

HD TruckThe BACB has always provided our communities the opportunity to record local events and programs and replay them on our local stations. Our HD truck replaced an obsolete vehicle and equipment with state of the art production capabilities at any site.

  • A generator supplies power without on site connection. This allows up to 12 hours of recording or editing when necessary.
  • Improved graphic capabilities
  • Improved picture and sound quality
  • Editing on-site capability
  • Accessories to improve camera angles
  • Five cameras to cover every angle and improve the production

We have greatly expanded coverage of local community events for all four municipalities such as:

  • The Birmingham Concert band
  • Parades, Concerts in the Park, Farmer's Market
  • Musicales and local lecture series
  • Dog Show and The Battle of the Bands
  • Birmingham Coalition and The League of Women Voters
  • Local Meetings not held in Municipal Offices
  • Bloomfield Birmingham Symphony Orchestra at the Temple Beth El
  • Breast Cancer awareness lecture series
  • Dining Out Series