Cable Board

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the BACB to advocate for the City of Birmingham and the Villages of Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms and Franklin and their citizens in order to maximize the quality and value of services of cable and related communications providers and support the delivery of public, educational and governmental programming. The Birmingham Area Cable Board is a volunteer citizen body formed by inter-local agreement between the four member communities.

To fullfill this mission the Board shall:

  • Protect the revenue stream for uses of the rights-of-way to all four communities.
  • Provide the member communities with timely and comprehensive advice for the establishment of policy and governance of federal/state cable and telecommunications laws not limited to the following: new franchises, transfers, renewals, escalating complaints, audits and encouraging competition.
  • Protect, encourage and support participation in available PEG access.
  • Guide the use of funds or resources referenced in franchise agreements or ordinances, on a quarterly basis and as needed.
  • Provide a neutral forum for complaints and disagreements between franchisees and subscribers or users of cable facilities as may be requested by BACB members, municipal officals or other franchisees, cable subscribers, users or citizens, and support resolution.