Birmingham Area Cable Board Funding

The Birmingham Area Cable Board is funded by all four communities:  City of Birmingham, Villages of Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms and Franklin.  Each municipality collects two types of fees the cable providers, Comcast, AT&T and WOW.  We do not collect fees from satellite providers as they do not access rights of way and are solely regulated by the FCC. The providers are responsible for forwarding fees in a timely manner.

Franchise fees are paid for providers' use of public rights of way.  A 5% franchise fee is collected and 40% is sent to the BACB.  Each municipality collects a 2% PEG fee which the BACB uses for the Municipal and Public access stations, equipment, grants to schools.  This 2% fee is a designated fund and is restricted for Public, Educational and Governmental equipment and services exclusively.

icon-pdf.gif Birmingham Area Cable Board Financial Report - June 30, 2021

Recap of of Financial Investments

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